Analytics & Insights Agency In Bangalore

Why Analytics?

It is always better to work with some set of data and if we are not working with data then we are directionless.  In digital marketing, Google Analytics is best free tool that can give you unlimited amount of data.

How does Google Analytics track data?

Google Analytics tracks data by the help of a simple Javascript code which needs to be installed in the all the pages of the website. We can get the Javascript code from Google by creating an account in the Google Analytics and there is no cost involved in this.

You can also customize the Javascript code to get more data.

What we can do for you?

Google Analytics is all about data, if you log-in to the Google Analytics Dashboard then you will find lots and lots of data like users, sessions, page views, bounce rate, time on site and all.  The uses of Google Analytics depend upon business to business. For some business total time spent on site is important but for some business conversion is important.

Google Analytics gives you raw data and it can be difficult to make sense of the data. We can provide you the curated data with the insights that can be gold mine form your business.

Apart from Google Analytics Reporting, we can help you in implementing the Google Analytics Code.

What are our services?

Google Analytics Implementation and Reporting
Google Tag Manager Implementation and Reporting
Google Webmaster Tool Implementation and Reporting